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Blogging for Small Businesses – 2017 Edition

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Blogging for Small Businesses – 2017 Edition

You may be wondering if blogging is still a relevant online media digital practice to engage in with your small business. Blogging has been around for quite some time and with the way the digital world is set up, new fads are constantly being born and whisked away. However, blogging has already withstood the test of time and is still here to stay.

In 2017, blogging can be very beneficial, and majorly impactful for your small business!

There are many key practices to keep in mind while running and operating your blog this year. For example:

• Stretch and grow your reach
• Share your story
• Focus on SEO

Before we look at these details further, did you know more than 99% of people will not purchase anything from your website on their very first visit. A popular marketing technique is the “rule of 7” which is based in the theory that customers (or potential customers) won’t purchase anything from you or from your website until they have seen your brand or marketing message through any form, including blogs, social medias, advertisements, emails, etc., at least seven times. This is where regular, constant blogging practices can come into play and can be very beneficial. Staying on top of your blog with a regularly maintained audience can help you reach their seven impressions very quickly.

Stretch and grow your reach

Consistent blogging is a great way to improve your reach and to reach new prospects. If you have your traditional audience, that’s wonderful! You will definitely want to keep targeting them, but you will also want to target new potential customers if you want your business to continue to grow.

Through blogging, you will be able to expand upon your reach, leading to more success down the road and in the future. Not to mention the huge benefit of the rapid ability to experiment with different stories and topics.


Share your story

One of the keys to successful blogging is making it personal. Now more than ever, people want to hear stories that resonate with them. They want to know how their purchase will impact something. They want to have a deeper reason to purchase an item or support a service. Sharing your story effectively and honestly allows you to connect with your targeted audience and builds a trusted bond and connection for years to come.

Sharing your story can be difficult and is a very brave thing to do, but if you are ready to do so, you can really create a positive impact on many people’s lives, as well as your own.

Focus on SEO

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) continues to be one of the most powerful and best ways to increase your reach and maximize your impact in the online community you are going after.

Through SEO, you can also increase your digital awareness and relevancy. The combination of SEO and creating posts that people want to share is an unbeatable combination. This combo is one of the best ways to increase your reach in record time. Also be sure to link your blog internally and externally as much as possible to further improve your SEO ratings and get you to the front page of Google faster.



With these tips, you will be able to see profound success with your business blog in 2017 and see visitors turn into lifelong customers. Keep at it and keep working to improve your blog. Follow these tips and see a rise in organic traffic to your site and a rise in sales. Blogs take time to build up and require patient, but soon you will see what you are looking for!

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