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How to Outrank Your Competition in Google and Bing in 2017

How to Outrank Your Competition in Google and Bing in 2017

After reviewing countless sources and having collected the most impactful methods of 2016, we’ve finally curated the 20% tactics that tend to lead to 80% of the results. Follow these suggestions and watch your website rise through the ranks, outperforming your competition and rising to the top of search results.

Focus on Content Topics and UX

Google’s search engine is placing a greater and greater emphasis on high quality, relevance and contextual content. Put simply: people wants great, unique content that they find useful. If you make it your mission to focus on the topics your visitors care about, you’ll be on your way to rising through Google’s ranks.

The User Experience (UX) of your site is pivotal to your success. It should be easy to navigate and consume the information on your website. Focusing on the User Experience your visitors have helps increase the likelihood they’ll stay around longer, visiting more pages, and best of all, it builds a stronger bond of trust between you and your website visitor.

Ensure Your Website is mobile-friendly

According to the research at StatCounter Global Stats, 51.3% of Internet usage in October 2016 came from mobile devices, while only 48.7% came from desktop computers. Being that the majority of internet traffic is now generated from mobile devices, it’s crucial your website look great on mobile devices. In 2016, we saw Google and other prominently search engines update their algorithms to rank mobile-friendly sites above their non-mobile-friendly competitors.

Focusing on your mobile UX improves the quality your mobile visitors experience, but there are other benefits as well. Improving mobile accessibility has the effect of increasing the shareability factor of your website, making it more likely your visitors will share your website with someone in their network.

Find Your Sawdust

In 1932, Max Himmelheber swept up sawdust and wood chips and went on to invent particleboard. He took what was once considered waste and turned it into real value.

Where is your “sawdust” in your business? What are you currently throwing away that you could be leveraging into content for your website, social media posts or something completely unrelated? Actively seek out your sawdust and utilize it! Your sawdust is, by definition, is the byproduct of something you’re already doing — chances are your sawdust is hiding in plain sight.


As the old adage goes: “If you’re not going forward, you’re going backwards”. There is no stagnation in business. Which is why establishing a plan for continuous improvements is crucial to the success of your business in 2017 and beyond.

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